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Come and eat at Marttinen!

The restaurant services at the Youth Centre Marttinen operate on request. We have our own kitchen, meaning we can meet our clients’ needs. By request, everyday meals are available from the buffet in the dining hall in the main Marttinen building.

Groups’ full board includes breakfast, lunch and dinner and, at confirmation camp, an evening snack. For groups going on hikes, it is also possible to get outdoor lunches, evening snacks and provisions for hikes.

We can provide coffee for conferences in all Marttinen facilities. This means you can book the main building for lunch, evening snacks in the Vihtasauna and sauna section and events with drinks in the Antintalo house. We have menus for functions, and we can tailor these to our clients’ preferences. We also make foods for clients to pick up.

We take the diversity of client groups into account, and, if necessary, plan things with the client. Our cooks pay attention to special diets. It is worth mentioning these to us when booking your camp or event. Our kitchen is familiar with vegetarian and vegan food, and plant proteins, and there are plenty of vegetables on offer for our clients.

Environmental matters and sustainable development are important to Marttinen

Environmental matters are close to the heart of the Marttinen youth centre. We always use Finnish ingredients when possible. The meat and dairy products we use are Finnish. At Marttinen, we do not use overfished fish species; instead, we use the pike perch and perch from local waters, which we make into pike cutlets, for example. We place great emphasis on using seasonal vegetables. organic restaurant programme

The kitchen is part of the organic restaurant programme, with two stars out of three. This means we always use at least eight significant ingredients in organic form. In addition, we use other organic products whenever we can. Armi, a cook in the Marttinen kitchen, is also an organic farmer. She provides us with fresh salads and herbs in the summer and raspberries for the winter.

Ingredients from nearby

Other ingredients include Joutsenjärvi strawberries, eggs, flour (wheat, rye and potato flour), porridge flakes, muesli, lactose-free milk buttermilk, coffee, tea, cocoa and a lot of spices. That means we can offer fresh sandwiches, homemade buns and coffee, breakfast porridge and raspberry and strawberry fruit drinks. Other local food includes forest mushrooms and lingonberries.

Organic and local food in festive menus

From the menu for functions, you can choose the Pappila (Vicarage) organic and local food table, which also includes wonderful local ingredients. In 2018, the Marttinen youth centre is involved in a project in which public kitchens link up with local food producers to increase and diversify the use of local products. 

Fair Trade products such as tea, cocoa and bananas complete the responsible Marttinen operations.

Page modified: 31 Jul 2020

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