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Lunch menu of Marttinen


 Lunch  11.30 - 13.00

The lunch offer during March 12,00 €

You can also pay with Smartum and Epassi.

(G) Gluten-free, (L) Lactose-free, (M) Milk-free.  
Special diets, including vegan, are made to order the next day.

Take away includes main course with toppings, salad, dessert, bread and spread and mineral water. 
Lunch icludes Marttinen's organic breads, spreads, drinks, Fair Trade coffee and tea.


Monday 4.3.

Veggie tortilla V


Pea guagamole, garlic sauce 

Kissel L and Strawberry jam

Tuesday 5.3.

Chicken tenderloin patties G, L, Lens patties G, V

Boat potatoes

Herb sauce L

Salad table

Fruit salad 

Wednesday 6.3.

Pike Wallenbergs G, L, Corn patties G, V

 Organic mashed potatoes L

Peas, green salad, tomato salad

Organic strawberry kissel

Thursday 7.3.

Chili con/sin carne G

Boiled potatoes, rice

Pico de gallo, green salad, nachos G

Mango curd L 

Friday 8.3. 

Oven sausage G, L

Organic mashed potatoes G, L

Coleslaw, mustard relish

Honey berry pie L and Vanilla foam L

Changes are possible.


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Page modified: 01 Mar 2024

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