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Kuukkeli Environment School

The environment school is in the idyllic and historically important Old Vicarage of Marttinen. The nature of the island of Marttinen, and its forests, water and paths, offers all you need for both independent and guided environmental education activities. The Metsäestradi (“Forest Dais”), in the middle of the mossy spruce trees, is nature’s own classroom. The Marttinen youth centre wants to strengthen everyone’s relationship with nature and an environmentally friendly way of thinking. We provide environmental education from a youth-work perspective, including via adventures and drama teaching.

We find experiences and learning in nature in all seasons by going on hikes. We go on hikes on foot or with snowshoes. A night in the middle of the forest is an unforgettable experience! We get to know the wonders of nature by studying insects, birdwatching and forest-skill competitions.


  • Increase your nature knowledge and environmental awareness
  • Recognise small animals and insects
  • Strengthen your relationship with nature.

We become familiar with the wonders of nature by studying insects, birdwatching and forest-skill competitions.


VAT is not added to the prices. By using the Marttinen youth centre’s services you are supporting a good future for young people!

Page modified: 19 Dec 2019

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